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Bodyguard training and close protection is a profession full of myths, curiosity and mysticism. There are different trends thought worldwide, according to the local demands. Instructors are policemen on active duty or retired policemen, soldiers, maybe instructors coming from the private sphere. Only few think about, whether things done by the armed forces can be done in the civilian sphere – thinking about demonstrative escort or protection teams consisting of large number of troops. Newly trained close protection officers coming from the institutions specialized to close protection face immediately huge obstacles during thier work.

Personal defense system for survival
Defense against armed attacker
Fight stabbing
How to use firearms
VIP escort in various environments
Protective driving
First aid (aid in conflicts)

Educating theories
Chapter one. Protection theory
Chapter two. Threat assessment
Chapter three. Launching the attack
Chapter four. Bodyguard psychology
Chapter five. Dealing with the bomb
Chapter six. Security issues and input control systems
Chapter seven. Bulletproof vest
Chapter eight. How to perform protection
Chapter nine. Protection know-how
Chapter ten. Counter ambush
Chapter eleven. Coping with kidnapping
Chapter twelve. How to defend yourself

Personal protector or close protection officer [is a member of] state safety official, defined responsibilities of whom include protecting the famous or rich person (persons) or well-known political from dangers such as theft, attack, kidnapping, irritation, murder or threats with the aim of gaining private information and such. Usually, most important figures are protected by several personal protectors or a group of personal protectors provided by respective agencies, security forces or police special forces or diplomatic security organization of that country department. The above description are regarding protection of famous state or non-state individuals. A low percentage of public figures who are at low danger or risk of such crime are accompanied by a personal protector who takes on the responsibility of protection and driving in the VIP’s security domain, which is the duty of bodyguard agencies. In fact, we can say that personal protector is also considered as a [member of] state or non-state personnel who is responsible of protecting, defending and securing his service domain, who performs his duties by far-keeping political or non-political individuals, who are at danger of attack, most of the time.

One of the tasks usually done by personal protectors is practical inspection of the building or the intended place before the VIP entrance, so as to facilitate decision making in emergency moments and defining each entrance and exit . One issue that can be important for a protector regarding minimization of any threat or danger, is his familiarity with psychic structure of different people which can be harmful for protection of the intended domain.

As principle, a personal protector protects the VIP in any condition and at any cost. This dangerous profession has attracted the attention of many people in different guilds all over the world. First of all, the things a guard needs more than anything is the five natural senses i.e. hearing, tactility, smell, sight and taste, but another sense also remains which refers to a small, special group of individuals and that is the prediction sense (sixth sense).

Unfortunately we read subjects written by some people in some publications, emphasizing that a bodyguard must have a weight of over 120 kilograms and a height of over 2 meters, but the reality known by any non-expert person is that high weight reduces one’s speed and agility and very tall height is easily distinguishable among people and hence [the individual] is easily harmed, people with such bulk and height are only used in clubs and discos in which they have not the right to fight and they are just used for maintaining the class and also frightening the people present at discos. A famous theory upon personal protector is that he is a strong, vigorous, bully and obtuse person. In real life, an obtuse and vigorous person is the most inefficient personal protector. Today, a personal protector must have a high intelligence regarding the various responsibilities he has. Today, most bodyguards prefer others to call them as experts of performing protection operations. This word introduces them as professionals and this professional term eliminates the imagination of being bully.

According to standards of world bodyguard organizations, average-weight, small-bulked are used (regarding their speed, reaction and not getting recognized among people) for this profession; opposite of professional characteristics is mentioned above).
Learning epic arts is very important for a bodyguard. In the field of epic arts, pressure points ( sensitive points refers to special parts of body) cause pain, shock and considerable sudden effects for a special application. In all, attack tactics to vital parts of the body is called Muay Boran.
 The point which should always remain in a personal protector’s mind is trying to maintain the peace and discipline while not hurting anybody in a public environment. A trained person (bodyguard) considers this principle as one of his main commitments and rules and here, the necessity of familiarity with the art of using these points shows its importance.

Protecting money and valuable things
Protecting special individuals
Protecting family
Protecting places
Protecting the stars


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